Fresh Gate

Data hub for scales and prepackaging equipment

Fresh Gate is the powerful METTLER TOLEDO solution for connecting your scales and prepackaging equipment to your IT infrastructure – for guaranteed data consistency and uniform article/master data at all times.

METTLER TOLEDO’s Fresh Gate application bundles comfortably and securely the complete data distribution. It serves as a central integration point for your scales and prepackaging equipment.

Fresh Gate thereby renders the need for multiple or various different connections between your scales/prepackaging equipment and your data network superfluous. Having just one single interface for your scales and prepackaging equipment means less complexity – which in turn paves the way for simple and fast integration of further solutions.

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Specifications - Fresh Gate
Description Powerful solution for connecting your scales and prepackaging equipment to your IT infrastructure
Interfaces File-based interface (file storage in directory or FTP) for XML files, Web services (http inquiries)
Supported devices FreshWay, FreshBase, UC3 Line, UC Evo Line<BR>bC Line<BR>Etica<BR>Further devices (including 3rd party equipment) available on request
Supported browsers Firefox 3.0 (or higher)<BR>Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher)
Required software Windows XP Professional SP2/SP3 (32-bit)<BR>Windows Server 2008 Standard SP2 (32-bit)<BR>Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)<BR>Windows 7 SP3 (32-bit)<BR>Linux Suse/SLES 11

Features and Benefits

Uniform data records

Fresh Gate provides data consistency by converting all information sent and received by scales into uniform data records. The application processes article master data and transaction data, as well as general file-based information.

Fresh Gate
Fresh Gate

Simple integration

Fresh Gate supports all scales of the UC3 Line, UC Evo Line, bC Line, FreshWay, FreshBase, and Etica prepackaging system product ranges from METTLER TOLEDO and further devices. Several options and protocols for integration are available.

Fresh Gate
Fresh Gate

High performance

Fresh Gate impresses with its minimal system requirements and with minimal CPU power and memory. The application is easy to integrate into established retail platforms.

Fresh Gate
Fresh Gate

Maximum operational reliability

The robust Fresh Gate software architecture provides maximum operational reliability of all sub-systems.  Any scales that are temporarily offline are updated as soon as they are online again.

Fresh Gate
Fresh Gate




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Fresh Gate